Axis Mundi

Country: Singapore
Style: Death Metal, Sludge
When I listened to The Depths, it was its hard-biting heaviness, gritty realism, and (I confess) the courage to cover Nirvana that ultimately endeared me to vocalist Sathish Kumar, guitarist Vinod Dass, and drummer Mitch Goon. ” – — Doomed and Stoned

Axis Mundi is a three-piece Singapore Sludge outfit founded in early 2018 by guitarist Vinod Dass (Truth be Known, Mucus Mortuary). He roped in Sathish Kumar (Stillborn) and Mitch Goon (Assault) to craft out something new that was different from the other three bands. The three members came together to start producing doomy sludgy riffs combined with heavy intense drumming and guttural vocals, quickly forming their own sound, which led to the writing and release of their debut EP (The Depths) released in April 2019.

The EP was received with good reviews both locally and overseas, with multiple interviews and reviews by platforms such as DOOMED AND STONED, Headbanger Reviews and more.

A music video was also recorded for the last track of the EP which was a cover of Nirvana’s Territorial Pissings, which helped drive attention to the record. The video gained the interest of youtube reactors A&P reacts, who did a reaction video of said track. The video can be watched in our video section.


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